How a New Paint Job Will Impact Your Property

For the most part a re-painting should be a staple project when planning any sort of renovation to your home or business. A new coat of paint will bring a curtain measure of improvement and overall balance to every other change that will take place within the space. Since we are talking about Renovations and focusing on a large portion of a home, it’s nice to have some ideas as to what type of design you’re looking to create.

The Design – Your design should match the style you’re trying to apply to your home or commercial space. If you are renovating a commercial business property then you’ll want to keep a level of professionalism within the office and area to ensure staff and customers feel like it is still a place of work but also add some spice to it by bringing a more modern appeal through the colours that you choose. If you’re a business owner and own an office or commercial area such as a Massage Therapist, or Dental clinic. You definitely want something that is relaxing to the eyes so that customers and clients feel soothed and calm during their visit. If there are a large variety of colours it may tend to distract visitors and engage a part of their brain that is supposed to be relaxed when headed to a massage table or dental chair. You should consider a colour scheme that is mellow, with a soft tone. This will ensure customers keep a consistent awareness and relaxation. Of course this standard will vary depending on what type of business you own, so be aware of all the factors because there is more to a new paint coat than meets the eye.

Exterior Colours & Feel – When looking at your business or home from an outsider perspective I would suggest you consider what kind of “vibe” you would like your visitors to receive upon arrival. To determine that you might also want to consider what type of personality you or your family have. Sometimes it is safer to stay within a colour range and a particular paint style to suits the lifestyle you live. Especially if you own the property, if you choose a colour that doesn’t match who you are, you may end up regretting it down the road. Professional painting contractors are great at solving this issue because they help you decide on the perfect colour scheme based on you and your space. They help determine the best route to go so that there are no “hiccups” later. A new coat of paint for your office or business or home will go a long ways in bringing a fresh look, kind of like that new smell you get when you purchase a new vehicle. It’s fresh and exciting.

Interior Style & Colours – Your interior should feel like home to you. The great thing about painting your home interior you have a family is that you can paint room by room if you like. I wouldn’t go too crazy with it but there’s more room for variety than their would be for a business. Maybe you have multiple children and they have a favourite colour. You can easily paint their room a different colour than the master bedroom, and you can just as easily re-paint their room as they age too! Once you’re planning to sell the home, you can also plan a new paint coat to improve the value of your home so that you get the highest return possible. Painting is only one factor in determining property value but it is an important one that effects a lot of other things. Painting demands attention and should be held in high value.

The Paint – Once you chosen the colours you want to use, make sure the specific paint brand you choose is one of quality and reputation. Choosing a cheap paint just to save some money will only hinder the effectiveness of the paint and may even ruin the whole project simply by choosing the wrong paint quality. It goes a long way to either buy a high quality paint brand or hire a painting company to do the work for you in order to see your pre planned renovation result in success. You can always try out different paints before you settle on one for your renovations.

This will allow you to see a sneak peak of the end result before it’s all done so you know your making the right decision. Some quality paint brands I am familiar with and have also used for my own renovations are Benjamin Moore & Sherwin-Williams.

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